10 amazing tips how to pack when travelling

As many other companies providing accommodation in Kirov, we are also visited mostly by travellers. People who stay at our hostel in Kirov usually travel far from work home or contrariwise, visit family or are just on a vacation, exploring new interesting areas of Russia. For most people the less favourite thing to do when travelling is definitely packing the stuff. To make the process more practical and easier, we prepared these 10 amazing travel tips.

1. Roll your clothes instead of folding for more space


2. Put rolled socks inside your shoes to save space as well as to preserve the shoes’ shape.


3. Use empty glass to double the volume when listening the music on your phone or MP3 player.


4. Place a rolled up belt in the shirt collar to keep it crisp and stiff.


5. Pack your jackets inside out to prevent wrinkles.


6. Prepare for rainy weather and keep your feet dry using bees wax to waterproof your shoes.


7. Place a cotton swab inside blush, eye shadow and powder foundation to prevent they from cracking.


8. Use small containers such as Tic-Tac to store small things like hair pins or spices.


9. Buttons can be used to safely pack ear rings/studs.


10. Use an empty Chapstick to save emergency cash discreetly.


That’s it! These were our 10 travel hacks. So pack your things, begin a new journey full of adventures and let us know which travel hack you liked the most and which one you found the most useful.


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