5 reasons why to stay in hostel

When travelling and in a need to stay somewhere, every traveller has to face this uneasy decision. Finding a ballance between price, comfort and location can be more difficult than it firstly looked. Especially with so many options to pick from. But did you know that a good hostel can cover all that needs? Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider staying in the hostel:

1. Unlike the rest rooms at train stations, hostels are typical for friendly atmosphere where nobody tries to make you pay for services you don’t even use. Hostel provides you only what you really need.

2. If you consider renting an apartment for a day, be ready for a possibility you will be cheated on. Sometimes the apartment looks nothing like promised and may be far from your expectations. In the hostel, especially in our Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov, an administrator makes sure everything is according to your wishes. The administrator is always there and ready to assist you.

3. The prices for the hostels in Kirov or even in Russia are usually the same and fairly acceptable in the whole coutry. You will just hardly find a hostel with a price of more than 600 rubles for a night. Of course with this price you can expect to share the room with other travellers, but a good hostel has for instance curtains to ensure privacy for all the clients, as in our Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov.

4. If you were thinking about staying in the hotel right next to the train station, you can be distracted by noisy travelling (and often drunk) workers who go to or from their work. Most of the hostels therefore try to be in the center of the towns, so you are not surrounded by huge amount of these kind of distracting people. That is one of the reason why also our hostel is located in the center of Kirov.

5. If you are a chatty person and you like to have a company, even if there are no other guests the administrator will gladly talk to you. If you wish to interact with other guests, simply come to the main room, where people naturally meet each other and talk. Many friendships started in our hostel already!

These are some of the reasons why hostel may be good choice for you. We will be looking forward to your visit!


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