Hostels and food

Some people live by travelling, some just regularly travel for work. Many of us travel somewhere at least once in a life. And there is always this question: what to eat? You have to think twice especially if you try not to spend all your money or there is no option to go to restaurant. We made a selection of quick meals, which you can prepare without any horrible costs, in any hostel, having just minimum products and kitchenware.

Filling salad…or you can call it as you like. You need a big plate, a spoon, mayo, a can with beans in a tomato sauce, pack of rye crackers and 100 grams of grated carrot. After mixing everything together, leave it for a while if you want the crackers to be less crunchy. This meal appears to be very tasty, filling and most of all very economical.

The second meal is soup. Soups can be…really various! You can make an economical variant from the ingredients which you have. For instace, you can buy instant soup, add some crackers in and voilá. Or boil the water, add some spices, vegetables and it’s done! Soups can in general be a very economical food.

Curd porridge. Buy cottage cheese, thick yogurt and some fruit, for example banana. Mix them all together and you will get a filling meal that will give you strength in the morning for the whole day.

Dessert “Anthill”, will appeal to those who love to eat sweet stuff. Ingredients: sweet condensed milk, better condensed cream, a pack of ordinary sugar cookies, chocolate bar (optional). The cookies must be crumbled so that the pieces are no bigger than one centimeter. Then add condensed milk, mix thoroughly and put in the refrigerator for an hour. Hostels usually have a fridge. The anthill is ready. After that, you can brake the chocolate bar into chocolate sticks and grate the substance on them (chocolate should not be consumed cold).

We hope you like our advices and if you have other interesting ideas what to eat, please let us know!


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