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6-bed room – family/women’s (500 ₽ a day)

Have you checked hotels in Kirov, but you are looking for less expensive alternative? Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov created a special room designed mainly for families and ladies. It contains 3 double tier beds, near which you will find lamps and plugs so you can charge your devices anytime not even leaving the bed!

The walls are decorated with Japanese motives of the Sakura tree. The lower beds have curtains with floral motive and practical shelves for things you wish to have close even during the night. If you are travelling in a group of four, you can feel yourself not as in a hostel, but hotel in Kirov! Would you like to find out more about the hostel services? Continue reading in here!

6-bed room – men’s (500 ₽ a day)

Our hostel is divided into smaller and bigger rooms. Somewhere between is a 6-bed room which is located at first floor of Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov. Here you can find 3 double tier beds, a big comfortable sofa, a table and also wardrobes that can be locked, therefore you can keep your personal things in there without any worries. Ask our administrator for the keys!

Lower beds are equipped with curtains which will protect you from the light in the room and you will have enough privacy, even if sharing the room with other visitors. These beds have shelves for storing you small personal things which you would like to keep close to you even during the night. There are lamps and plugs near every bed so you can alsways charge your devices without any problems.

10-bed room – common (450 ₽ a day)

Are you a big group of friends looking for a place to stay in Kirov for a fair price and with good conditions? Or do you travel alone, but you prefer not to spend too much money on the accomodation? Then you will surely be interested in our 10-bed room, which is one of the biggest available rooms in Kirov! There are 6 double tier beds, couch and a table on 27 m2 and still a plenty of space left for your comfort!

The lower beds are equipped with practical curtains that will ensure you privacy and protect your sleep from the light in the room. You’ll also find here small shelves for your personal items, so you can keep them close even during the night. You can use the Internet in all parts of the room via free wifi. There will be clean covers waiting for you in every bed and you will receive a towel from administrator (clean towels are also available on washing machine, feel free to take some if needed). Every bed is also equipped with a lamp.

Would you like to stay for longer or are you a student? Write to us, there is a discount waiting for you!

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