Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov: Rules of staying


Here is a list of the most important rules of staying in the hostel. When registering in the hostel you will receive an agreement with the full list, which will require your signature as a sign you were informed about them.

  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol in the hostel, be loud after 22:00 or smoke (smoking is permitted in the smoking zone).
  • The check-out time is 12:00 midday. This means that at 12:00 when you are leaving, your bed has to be free already.  It is important to free the bed as the administrator has to tidy it up and change the sheets. However, if you decide to stay longer, please inform the administrator at least 2 hours till the check-out hour.
  • We work round the clock. That means that you can arrive at 3 in the morning, but the administrator will scare you with his/her facial expression. You were warned.
  • When checking in, we accept only passport and migration card. No other documents can be accepted.
  • If you are staying in the hotel for less than 24 hours (for instance arrived at midnight, will leave at 6 in the morning), the payment is still for full day, except for half-day staying (when the guest doesn’t use the bed and is only in the common area – usually this happens when the guest comes in the morning and is just waiting for a train).
  • When ordering a staying with a value more than 3000 rubles, we require you to pay at least 20% in advance. This rule also applies when paying for the whole room. When paying 100% of the sum in advance, the guest receives 15% discount from the price (the discounts don’t sum up together).
  • All discounts are applicable only when booking through our site or via phone. 



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