Where to eat good inexpensive food?

Если вы гость из Москвы или Петербурга, то, пожалуй, вопрос с деньгами не стоит — в Кирове везде можно покушать дешево или очень дешево в сравнении со столичными ценами. Если же вы студент или просто командировочный, тогда имеет смысл подумать о кошельке, чтобы он не исхудал, пока увеличивается ваш живот. Давайте посмотрим, где недалеко от нашего хостела можно перекусить!

We created a list of places nearby our Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov, where you can eat tasty food for a fair price. However, if your tastes are very specific or you are loose with money, we recommend you to prepare food right in our hostel. That is the most economic variant! Our kitchen should provide you with all tools you may need for that: there is a cooker, microwave oven, pots, pans and many other useful things. If you wish to go out and a have a nice meal there, here are recommended places:

1. Light food or something small to go with a cup of coffee – this is what will be offered to you right across the street in the building of local library in a cosy cafe called Кофе и Книги (Kofe i knigi – Coffee and Books). It’s relaxing atmosphere will let you rest with a cup of kapuchino for a price of 120 rubles.

2. Столовая Ешка (Stolovaya Yeshka) is just a few steps from our Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov. This cantine will offer you tasty and cheap food which is already waiting for you, so you’re not wasting any of your time. You can eat here for about 150 rubles.

3.Two streets from us you will find кинотеатр Смена (Kinoteatr Smena – Cinema Smena) which also disposes with a pizzeria. Thin dough, fresh ingredients and great cinema atmosphere all around you! All of this for around 500 rubles.

4. Going north from our hostel you will come to Театральная площадь (Teatralnaya ploshad – Theatre square) where you can visit Студенческая столовая (Studentcheskaya stolovaya – Student cantine). It is named this way because of its position next to the university. The interior is cosy and modern, reminding pin-up style. All of that for around 300 rubles.

5. Walking even farer from the previous cantine you will see Данар (Danar): a local fast food chain which you can notice all around the city. You can pick from burgers, chips or hotdogs and they also offer milkshakes! Danar is kind of a cheaper variant of MacDonald’s, you can eat here for around 150 rubles.

This are places nearby where to eat when staying in Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov. Of course Kirov has much more to offer. Have a walk and explore our beautiful city!


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