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Our HD Hostel Kirov is located at Karl Libknekht Street 93 in Kirov. You don’t know how to get to our hostel? Here you will find all the useful information! I you’re still not sure about the directions, give us a cal at  +7(964)256-68-40.

How to get to the hostel from airport or train station?


When exiting the airport, please notice a bus stop and taxi rank. We recommend you to call a taxi instead of getting into one standing there as it will be cheaper. If you wish to use a bus, pick no. 116 which will take you to the town. It is better to go till train station bus stop. You will notice the train station on the right. From here, pick the bus no. 23 or trolleybus no. 1.

It is neccessary to go by bus till the bus stop Cinema Oktyabr, which will be the fifth bus stop from the train station. The cinema will be in front of you. Cross the road and pass the cinema while walking the Street of Molodaya Gvardia till the crossroads with Karl Libknecht Street. There will be a court building in front of you.

Cross the street and turn right. Your destination is two houses away from you. After the second house turn left into courtyard. Turn right and you’re there! You should see our yellow banner on the wall.

If you get lost, call us at +7(964)256-68-40, we will happily help you reach your destination!

Train station - Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov
Map of Kirov - Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov

You can also decide to go on foot. From the train station it will take you 30-40 minutes if you don’t have too many baggages. After exiting the train station, turn right. Some minutes of walking and you are standing on a huge crossroads of Komsomolskaya Street, Karl Marx Street and Oktyabrskiy Prospect. The shortest ways is to walk the Oktyabrskiy Prospect, it continues up the hill on your left. Cross the road near the shop Detskiy mir (Children’s World) and go up the hill. You will be walking this street for approximately 25-30 minutes. Your key turn will be the one near ЦУМ (big shopping center on your left).

Don’t turn anywhere, just continue straight. Everything needed is to go two kvartals to a place where Oktyabrskiy Prospect is crossing the street of Molodoya Gvardia. Here you need to turn right and on the second crossroads there is Karl Libknecht Street. As an orientation point you may notice a building of Arbitration tribunal, which is not taller than other buildings, but has unique architecture in comparison with buildings around. Turn left and go 100 metres, passing two buildings. In the third one you will find our hostel. Enter the courtyard and you should notice our yellow banner hanging on the wall. Yay! You reached your destination!

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