Hostels and food

Some people live by travelling, some travel for work. Most of them at least once travelled to another town. And the question arises: what to eat when travelling?

Kirov 2018: where to eat?

Our guests ask us pretty often where to have a nice lunch or just sit with friends. As our hostel has a very nice location in the center of the town, such questions can be asnwered very easily!

Having a walk in the old town

As a town with history, Kirov has many interesting areas to see. Tie your shoes and walk with us around the hostel to see some interesting historical monuments. Enjoy the atmosphere of the old town!

Charushin’s hotel in Kirov

1935 was a year when at the intersection of Lenin street and Commune street started a construction of hotel under the lead of the architect I. A. Charushin. And how did it end?

5 reasons why to stay in hostel

5 reasons why to stay in hostel When travelling and in a need to stay somewhere, every traveller has to face this uneasy decision. Finding a ballance between price, comfort and location can be more difficult than it firstly looked. Especially with so many options to...

Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov and its third birthday!

Hostel Dostoevsky Kirov and its third birthday! Day as any other, but in the evening familiar faces start to appear in the hostel. Did something happen? Yes! One time in a year - as it usually is - our hostel has a birthday! On this day you can notice past and present...

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